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Operating rules of the Vážka house

Operator of the Rezidence Za Vodou complex: JUDr. Jan Mikš, CIN: 66198721, TIN: CZ500210030, Premises Management of the Rezidence Za Vodou complex: David Richtr, tel.: 603 217 012

Dear guests, in order to provide you with conditions for undisturbed accommodation in the Vážka House, we ask you to follow the instructions in these Operating Rules.

Beginning and end of accommodation:
– Unless otherwise agreed, the house is available to check in on the day of arrival from 4.00 to 6.00 pm.
– Upon arrival, guests pay a refundable deposit in cash or by blocking on a credit card.
– Guests will receive 2x keys to the house, which are also used to open the ski/bike storage room and the entrance gate, as well as a remote control to operate the entrance gate.
– Parking is possible in the parking area right in front of the house. The parking area is shared by the houses Ledňáček and Vážka. Please park your cars so that 6 vehicles can be parked in the area – 3 spots for each house.
– Guests take over the house on arrival without any obvious defects. Any defects found in the house or grounds must be reported immediately in person or by phone to the Premises Management. If any damage to the house, grounds, or equipment/facilities occurs during the stay, either through negligence or on purpose, the guest is obligated to compensate the Operator for the full amount of the damage. Damages will be covered by the deposit. The guest is obliged to compensate the Operator for the damage exceeding the deposit within 14 days of the end of the stay, and upon termination of the stay, the guest shall enter into a compensation agreement with the Operator represented by the Premises Management.
– Skis, cross-country skis, bob-sleighs, sledges, bicycles, electric bicycles and strollers can only be stored in the ski/bike storage room located in the technical part of the ground floor.
– On the day of departure, you must check out of the house no later than 10.00 am. Otherwise, the Operator may require payment of the price of accommodation for the next day. In the event that the guest is not present on the day of departure and cannot be contacted by telephone, the Operator, through the Premises Management, is entitled to remove and store the guest’s belongings at the guest’s expense so that the house can be made available to other guests.
– The electricity consumed will be billed to the guest on the day of departure.

At the end of the stay, guests are required to do the following:
– Do the dishes and put them away, take away all food and personal belongings.
– Dispose of the garbage in the garbage bin in the parking area in front of the house, the bins for sorted waste are located in the ski storage room.
– Turn off lights and close windows.
The Premises Management will take over the house from the guest on the day of departure and will settle the electricity used and the refundable deposit.

Rules for staying in the house:
The house can only be used by people who have been registered on arrival.
– Pets are not allowed in the house.
– There is a strict no smoking policy in the house!
– The quiet hours are from 10.00 pm to 7.00 am.
– There is WiFi connection available – password: reZidencelevaZka2
– Please change into house shoes when entering the house.
– When leaving the house, please check that the lights are off, electrical appliances are switched off, all windows are closed and the front door is locked.
– The guest is obliged to maintain order and cleanliness both in the house and in the surrounding area.
– In the technical part of the ground floor of the house there is a ski/bike storage room, where there are drying racks for ski boots and there is also an area for drying wet ski clothes.
– Guests are not allowed to move furniture or make any modifications to the house equipment without the consent of the Operator, nor are they allowed to make any interventions in the electrical network or other installations in the house.
– Beds, pillows and duvets must only be used by guests with their sheets on and only inside the house.
– We would like to thank all guests in advance for sorting their waste into the containers provided (plastic, paper, glass). The bins are located in the ski storage room.

Safety above all:

– Guests are required to secure their belongings to prevent theft or damage, including items in parked cars. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Operator excludes his obligation to compensate for any loss or damage. The guest’s property is not insured.
– The Operator has taken all precautions to prevent injury to guests. Guests are kindly requested not to leave persons in their care unattended. The health and life of guests are not insured by the Operator.

– Children and their safety are the responsibility of their legal guardian throughout the
entirety of the stay.
– The use of any play equipment inside the house and the use of recreational and play equipment (swimming pool, garden house, etc.) in the garden is at your own risk and is allowed only under adult supervision. The person supervising the child must always check for signs of damage before using the equipment to assess whether it is safe for the child to use, taking into account the child’s skills, current state of health, physical condition, natural influences and other external factors. Otherwise, the child must not be allowed to use the equipment.
– The lighting of decorative candles is prohibited in the entire house.
– It is strictly forbidden to burn rubbish in the fireplace.
– Due to fire safety and installed fire sensors, any manipulation with fire is prohibited in the entire house.
– It is forbidden to use any pyrotechnics (fireworks, firecrackers…) in the house and on the whole premises.
– Before leaving the outdoor fireplace, extinguish the fire and make sure it does not reignite.
– Please be considerate of other guests and observe the quiet hours.

Technical equipment:
– Always use all electrical appliances, sauna, whirlpool, washer/dryer and shoe dryers according to the instructions for use. Instructions can be found in a folder in the living room. Under no circumstances are you allowed to use your own electrical appliances in the house,
with the exception of electrical appliances for your own hygiene, baby monitors and mobile phone and laptop chargers.
– It is forbidden to tamper with the installation of the heat pump. If you need to adjust the temperature in the house, please contact the Premises Management.
– It is forbidden to tamper with the filtration equipment and the salt cell; for cleaning the pool.
– The heat recovery system is set for a pleasant and above all functional air exchange. If you need to adjust the heat recovery settings, please contact the Premises Management.

– On the ground floor there is a sauna, which is fully available to guests. The sauna needs to be switched on about 40 minutes before use (ON/OFF button). There are sheets available for sauna use, stored in the cleaning room on the second floor, next to the staircase. In the case of a week-long stay you have two sets of sheets, in the case of a weekend stay you have one set. Always turn off the sauna when leaving the sauna! It is forbidden to bring glassware or drinks of any kind into the sauna. It is possible to leave them on the terrace in front of the sauna.

Garden at the house:
– The garden is at guests’ full disposal. There is also a barbecue on the terrace and a fireplace. Guests are kindly requested to always clean the barbecue after use for further use. Firewood is available in the adjacent wood shed.

Non-compliance with guidelines and rules:
– When non-compliance with the rules of the Operating Rules is suspected, the Premises Management is entitled to inspect the house. In case of a gross violation of the Operating Rules (fire safety, destruction of property, etc.) or repeated violation of the Operating Rules, the guest’s stay will be immediately terminated without refund.
– In case of losing the key, the guest will be charged a fee of CZK 4500 (replacement of door inserts with master key system).
– By paying the deposit, the guest confirms that he/she has read these Operating Rules, agrees to them and accepts them in full. The guest is obliged to ensure that all guests are familiar with and comply with the Operating Rules. The guest is responsible for the proper performance of the obligations arising from the Operating Rules by all persons staying at the accommodation.
– The Operator reserves the right to change these Operating Rules at any time.

– These Operating Rules are binding for all guests and enter into force on 1/2/2023.

Thank you for observing the Operating Rules and we wish you a pleasant stay.

Rezidence Za Vodou