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Paradise for children

We know how to make children’s eyes sparkle. Rezidence Za Vodou is just right for little and big rascals. You have just found a wonderful place in nature for a holiday with children.

In summer, in winter, in all weathers, children will never be bored here. We have prepared lots of outdoor surprises for them near the accommodation. Beware, adventure lurks inside too! Allow your little troublemakers to let their imaginations run wild, don’t prevent mischief and give them more freedom during the holidays. Laughter will be your reward and a balm for the soul.

Children’s “lair” inside and outside


Under the roof in the warmth

Play board games, dance, jump, frolic. How about inventing an outdoor game with your friends? Shenanigans allowed, parents not allowed!

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Climbing wall

Left hand on yellow, right foot on red... no, that’s not the way. Then jump down and try to climb again. Let’s see if you can figure out how to safely climb up to the loft playroom.

2023-06-09 (35)

Gaming without limits

After a day’s outing, head to the playroom, sprawl out in the bean bags and watch a fairy tale or your favourite film on the TV. Or fire up the latest XBOX ONE X console with its plethora of games.


Multi-purpose sports field

Just a short walk from Rezidence Za Vodou is an outdoor artificial grass area where you can play football, foot-tennis or tennis for free.

In the fresh air

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Wooden playhouse

A cunning squirrel, a beautiful butterfly and a hungry cat will put on the show of their lives. Observe and admire nature day and night from the wooden playhouse. And if you’re brave, you can even spend the night!

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A short jump, a long jump and you’ll cross the stream! Or will you get your trouser legs wet? Either way, the fun never stops at the stream. And who knows, you might even discover gold.


Workout playground

Little and big athletes alike, attention! A playground awaits you outside at Ledňáček, where you will have a lot of fun as well as strengthen and stretch your body. Find out what exercises you can do right away and what you’ll need to practice.

2023-06-09 (79)

Fire pit

Collect kindling, bring wood, build a fire. Stick a sausage, bread or marshmallow on a stick...yummy! Are you salivating yet? Don’t forget the potatoes in the ashes.

Hand in hand with parents

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Jump into a heated saltwater pool, swim, dive, do somersaults, hold your breath underwater, frolic like you’re at the seaside. There should never be a summer holiday without a pool!

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Relax the body, let the mind flow, enjoy the peace. A wonderful holiday simply includes a private spa. Book the Ledňáček house with a whirlpool or the Vážka with a sauna and an ice-cold pool.

You just squealed with delight, this is it!

Don’t hesitate and book your accommodation in time, so that someone more eager doesn’t beat you to it.